September 05, 2006

Uski lathi mein awaaz nahi hai

His stick doesn't make noise.

Meaning: God's justice

Ram milaee jodi, ek aandha, ek kodhi

God made match, one is blind and the other is a leper

Meaning: Made for each other in a negative manner

Choona lagana

To put an alkaline paste

Meaning: To dupe someone

Gadhe ke sir pe se singh gayab hona

The horn on the head of a donkey vanishes

Meaning: To be missing

Kheesaee billi khamba noche

Embarrassed cat scratches a pillar

Meaning: To be embarrassed

Hathi se chal

Walk like an elephant

Meaning: No care attitude

Bheegi billi

Wet cat

Meaning: Scared person

Baap bada na bhaiya, sabse bada rupaiya

Neither is the father nor the brother are big, only money is big.

Meaning: Money rules over relationships as well.

Aasteen ka saap

Snake of the sleeve

Meaning: The decietful is very closely related or known

Garibi mein atta geela

The dough is runny in poverty

Meaning: In adversity, everything takes a bad turn.

Jale pe namak chidkna

To sprinkle salt on the burn

Meaning: To add to the miseries

September 02, 2006

Ghada charya khet na paap na punya

To let the donkey graze in the farm, you will not reap fruit nor sin

Meaning: Meaningless activity

Bhagwan ke ghar der hai andher nahi

There is delay in god's house not darkness

Meaning: All is fair in life even if there are slight delays.

Laatoen ke bhoot batoen se nahi mante

The ghost of feet don't agree to talks

Meaning: Those who are stubborn will not be easliy convinced by logical talking.

Jaisi karni vaisi bharni

What you do , so shall you fill

Meaning: You will reap as you sow