May 26, 2015

Thali ka baigan.

Eggplant of the plate.

Meaning: To shift loyalties under circumstances.
Papad belna.

To roll out Papad.

Meaning: To put in immense hard work.
Apni kitchdi alag pakana

To cook ones kitchdi separately.

Difference of opinion in a group.
Doodh ki nadiya bhayna.

Milk rivers flowing.

To live in extreme affluence or to spend extravagantly.
Aate daal ka bhav pata chalna.

To know the value of wheat and lentils.

Meaning: To step into the real world and struggle.
Aam ke aam, gutliyon ke dam.

Price of mangoes along with price of pits/seeds.

 Meaning: Double benefit.
Kaha Raja Bhog, Kaha Gangu Teli

Where King Bhoj, Where Gangu masseuse

There is no comparison between the economic conditions of two said people.

May 23, 2015

Naak Mein Dum Aana

Pressure in nose.

Completely fed up. Bothersome issue.